25 February 2013

Publish And Be Damned

On Saturday P.E.A.R. will be at the ICA in London for Publish And Be Damned Fair 2013.  We'll have back copies of old issues as well as a good stock of the new issue...

Hopefully we'll see you there.  Here are all the details:

PABD 2013
Saturday 2 March 2013

Publish And Be Damned Fair 2013
11am - 7pm
Join us for the usual mayhem and over 50 PABD Members including, The Block, OEI magazine / OEI Editor, Happy Sick Idle, Copy, Picpus, Limner Journal and Studio Operative, FUN Magazine / Ditto Press, Duke Press, The Grantchester Free Press, Mark Pawson, Wysing Arts Centre, Café Royal Books, X marks the Bökship, Daniel James Wilkinson, The Coelacanth Press, P.A.S.T. Projects, covered in toner, Nieves, P.E.A.R., Fillip, New Documents, Allotrope Press, MUTE, AND, Schizm, Art Licks, ESP/Eastside Projects, Michalis Pichler, Hard Mag, Onomatopee, The Everyday Press, T-R-E-M-O-R-S,  Clod Magazine, Infinite Greyscale, [RHP] CDRs, Decadence Comics, Garageland/ Arty, Occasional Papers, Performance as Publishing, AMBruno, Sara MacKillop, LemonMelon, David Osbaldeston, The London Bookshop Map, Banner Repeater, SALT., fourteen-nineteen,  Arcadia Missa, oomk zine, I am Dora. I am Dora, The Gym and The Alarmist.

Instant Publishing/Automatic Writing
New videos by Fiona James, Clunie Reid, Erica Scourti, Anne Tallentire, Duncan White and Camilla Wills will be installed throughout the fair.

'I Don't Want to Write a PhD' panel discussion
11am - 12.30pm
Anat Ben-David, Sean Dockray and John Russell in a panel discussion in the ICA Cinema. Chaired by Alison Green and Jo Morra
Tickets £5 (free to ICA Members) Book a place

'I Don't Want to Write a PhD' workshop
1.30 - 6pm
A workshop following the talk led by Alison Green and Rebecca Harris. Participants will produce a publication that extends the mornings discussion and documents the events of the day.
Tickets £5 (free to ICA Members) Book a place

launches, readings and DJ-ing in the ICA Bar

The Mall

Organised by Louise O'Hare and Kate Phillimore as PABD in association with the ICA. Videos curated by Three Letter Words and Duncan White. Special thanks to The Block. 'I don't want to write a PhD' talk and workshop organised by PABD/Three Letter Words in collaboration with the Practices of Writing and Publishing research group at Central Saint Martins  and in association with the ICA.

18 February 2013

Rosa Barba at Turner Contemporary

Carl Andre might be luring the crowds to Turner Contemporary this winter but the concurrent exhibition of work by Rosa Barba is worth much more than a glance.  Barba presents film as sculpture, with visual equipment used to produce an absence of image.

Color Clocks: Verticals Lean Occasionally Consistently Away from Viewpoints, 2012

3 filmic sculptures, 3 x 35mm film, motors

Space-Length Thought, 2012
16mm film, projector, typewriter,
 installation view: Kunsthaus Zurich, 2012

On a grey day it was impossible to see the white space Barba is projecting on the sea outside the gallery, but this perhaps made the attempt to frame a small section of the limitless more moving.  Her film, Subconscious Society, similarly ties land and water, tracing the marks left by industrial heritage on the landscape around Margate and also Manchester, where a parallel exhibition runs at The Cornerhouse.

Subconscious Society, 2013 
film stills 35mm

all images © Rosa Barba